Here are some side projects, experiments & 'everydays' that have kept me sane through covid

Made with 🧠☕️👾 in XD, Figma, Webflow and TouchDesigner.


Generative Art, Kinetic Typography

Generative art in reaction to the March 2021 Atlanta murder of 8 Asian individuals, a deplorable crime in a list of anti-Asian hate crimes spanning the last year. The lack of nuance in the media's response had begged the question of WHO we should #STOPASIANHATE from? And how there is a historical pattern of domination of Asian women in western societies that stem from stereotypes and racial caricature.

portfolio journals

motion design, interactive web prototypes

Sometimes the medium is the message. I injected emotional lorem ipsum into portfolio designs I played with when first learning Adobe XD. These were mini projects dedicated to trusting the process of emotional healing, and to developing a sense of style in motion & UI design.

poetry in motion

kinetic typography, interactive web prototypes

I was seeking new mediums to write poems and prose, so I tried infusing them into some digital design stuff. I felt like the outcome was more interesting than a pen & paper creation.

rogue ui elements

generative art, interactive prototypes

UI elements repurposed for erratic look and feel. Includes doomscrolling funnels, phone mocks for ads, neurotic widgets and turn notifications OFF IxD.


neurotic graphics

graphic design

Exploring layout, composition & type through journaling uncomfortable realizations/feelings in those moments.


generative art, procedural animation

One of my goals is to create a projection mapping project. This has proven to be quite difficult, but in the meantime I've learned fundamentals about how to make funky 2D & 3D things in TouchDesigner, and how to animate them to react to audio, gestures, and noise.

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I learned a lot trying something new each day
They were a labour of love
Thanks for checking out my side things!